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Dec 2, 2013 6:00pm PST
killed actor paul walker. >> and the tactic to give trees new life even after they have been chopped down. ,,,,,,,, [woman] you wrapped the... [man] it's nothing but tape... [woman] it's a block. we're havin' a baby! [laughter in background] [woman screams] are we havin' a baby? [ambient crying and laughter] brawl. school officials say t >>> now at 6:30, the emergency meeting just about to get under way in response to this brutal high school brawl. school officials say this type of thing has got to stop. our ann notarangelo with what the west contra costa school district plans on doing about it. >> we don't want this to be a whisper campaign about what's wrong with west contra costa. >> reporter: the quiet at hercules high is a stark contrast to the cell phone video from last month showing three girls assaulting a student who identifies as transgender. but many of the kids say that was out of character for their school. >> i don't think it's too much bullying go on just that one incident. >> reporter: all the students involved are back in class. the district says there was disciplina
Dec 3, 2013 6:00pm PST
the shadow of his death, we are learning of paul walker's act of kindness for a military man and his fiancee. >>> and how your complaints to an airline could come back to haunt you. ,, they're taking to the streef palo alto.. because they ju learned their jo >>> and now at 6:30, the bay area street sweepers are pounding the pavement out of disgust. they are taking to the streets of palo alto because they just learned their jobs may be outsourced to save the city cash. >> reporter: dozen street sweepers and their supporters coming out to city hall to protest the proposed elimination of their jobs at busiest time of the year for them. positions here with the citd re private >> reporter: street sweepers in palo alto were like turkeys and football players it wouldn't be fall without them. >> these people have been here years and years and have experience and they know their job, and they take pride in their job. >> reporter: and in a city like palo alto, it's a big job. take a look at the size of those piles of the leaves swept up from the streets and gutters of a few city blocks. a crew
Dec 6, 2013 6:00pm PST
meeting with nelson mandela. >> how an investigation after the death of paul walker has led to an arrest. ,, ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, transformation... and placi >>> there's just no viability in this city for daytime retail. >> now at 6:30, forced to close in the midst of a neighborhood transformation. and placing the blame squarely on city hall. we're talk about the uptown neighborhood in the heart of oakland. kpix 5's da lin spoke to one business owner who witnessed long-time mom and pop shops getting pushed out by trendy bars, music venues and restaurants. >>> reporter: people come and go. but this corner shoe store? >> the neighborhood staple. >> reporter: 35 years and it, too, will go. closing at the end of the month. >> some days i have nobody coming in. absolutely nobody. >> reporter: some are even surprised he lasted this long. he credits his niche business, selling hard-to-find sizes. long-time customer elaine sampson drove from sacramento. >> very sad. this is the only shoe store in the bay area that i can get shoes at that i know of. >> it's going to change the fabric a littl
Search Results 0 to 2 of about 3